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This wiki has been setup to help facilitate the planning for a fall 2008 Southeast U.S. regional gathering of people involved in the Emergent Village network. This is going to be an extremely informal, unprogrammed, un-conference type atmosphere. Just come, bring your family, we'll all just be hanging out, meeting each other, getting to know each other, and learning from each other!



Confirmed Dates

  • Friday-Sunday, October 31-November 2, 2008




Book Your Own Accommodations


Who's Coming?

Add your name and contact information to the Participants list to officially let us know you're coming!


Preliminary Schedule

subject to revision when we gather on Friday.  Click here.


Having trouble with the wiki? Fill out this online form to let us know you'll be attending, and we'll add your name and information to the Participants page for you.



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What else does this wiki need? Please post a comment/question!

Comments (10)

Dixon Kinser said

at 12:07 pm on May 5, 2008

Nashville is in and open to host as well.
Our best dates are Oct 3-5 and Oct 17-19.

Troy and I had some preliminary conversations about these possibilities but stalled trying to find the right locale. (It has harder than anticipated).

Both Walter Bruggemann and Brian McLaren will be in Nashville the weekend of the 17-19. If that's appealing to folks, we could factor it in to our decision making process.
Looking forward to this friends.

Emergent Southeast said

at 12:03 am on May 6, 2008

Dixon, thanks for commenting!

I love Brian and Bruggemann, but I'm not sure it's that important to plan this event around them. In fact, I would say it's more important to plan it around the local participants and getting people who might not otherwise be interested in coming to an Emergent event to come to the table and break bread and engage in conversation with us. Those folks won't necessarily be interested in hearing/connecting with those guys. That's just my gut feeling anyway. Any other thoughts, ya'll?

Troy Bronsink said

at 3:29 pm on May 21, 2008

yeah, lets just camp. converse, and get into eachother's lives.

Troy Bronsink said

at 3:31 pm on May 21, 2008

So where are we at with this?

Emergent Southeast said

at 9:10 pm on May 31, 2008

Good question, Troy. I heard from Rick Bennett, so he's on the wiki now (hopefully). No word yet from Ken Haynes in Birmingham. Just looking at the map, though, Atlanta still looks like it'd be more "central" for everybody. So ... what does everybody think??

Rick Bennett said

at 4:23 pm on Jun 2, 2008

We need to ask ourselves What we want to happen? Then we need to ask How do we accomplish that? And finally, but most importantly (from a logistics POV), Where does that happen?

If we want a gathering to get to know each other and do what has happened at previous events, we need a place unencumbered by distractions, but close to enough to a city so people can get a brew together and participate in activities. Of the cities in the South, I do believe that Atlanta is the most conducive for a get-together (it is large, with a cheap airport, has lots of cool funky places, etc.). However, there are other cities too. there may be other spots, which are close to cool places.

It seems to me that we need to figure that out and find a good spot that is cheap (like Glorietta was).

Emergent Southeast said

at 12:33 pm on Jun 24, 2008

OK here's the latest thinking:

Meeting October 10-12 in Atlanta, on the heels of the Catalyst conference, in case anyone going to that is interested in staying on a day or two to hang out with Emergent folks.

Thoughts? Troy Bronsink was going to work on finding a hotel/venue for this gathering in/nearby Atlanta. Anything to report, Troy??

Troy Bronsink said

at 10:34 am on Jun 25, 2008

i need some feedback on my venue selection process:

Is it better to go to:
1. a hotel (costing the most),
2. to do blow up mattresses and cook in a warehouse,
3. to camp at a farm,
4. or to camp in the woods/state park?


Rick Bennett said

at 1:57 pm on Jun 25, 2008

I think we are talking over each other accidentally.

Do we need a conference call? I had some questions regarding What...How...Where. I think we need to decide the What and How before we can be sure of where to stay. If our primary thing is to go this conference as a group and debrief, etc. then we need to stay nearby probably in hotels.

If we want families involved we change the dynamic a lot and the lodging needs. Tent camping becomes a bit more complicated.

When we decide what and how, we can decide where. In town vs. hotel suburbs vs retreat center or camping.

If we want it to be more of a get together like Glorietta, but more focused upon the time we spend together outside of the cool city we can go drink and eat in, we should think about a place in those beautiful mountains. If we do that, we sacrifice the Atlanta food, nightlife and culture.

I did find such a spot. It is about 2 hours outside of Atlanta. Here is the website http://www.enota.com/.
It has tent camping, RV, cabin and individual room options.

I am sure it is only hitting the surface.

Troy Bronsink said

at 4:28 pm on Jun 25, 2008

i do know of oneta, great thought. they are affordable. more campy than glorietta but doable (there are two alpine cabins with kitchens- which is a plus).

could you research the costs/dates with them, rick? I know that they have room for tents too if folks prefer. and they have a bunk house.

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